Can YOU help a special needs pet?
Special Needs Cases
If you are a unique individual with a giving heart, PLEASE consider one of our special needs pets!  Sometimes these pets have adjustment issues that require a little patience, and sometimes they have physical flaws that makes it a little harder to find them homes.  They are special animals who deserve a second chance in life, and are often some of the most affectionate pets we place in new homes. 

Here are a few of our "special" pets:

Buster is a young pit bull, and was also rescued from a shelter.  He was covered with mange, emaciated, and heartworm positive.  He is very sweet, and would like a forever home.  He is currently staying in a foster home, is recovering from the sarcoptic mange, and his foster parent is willing to help with the expense of heartworm treatment.  You may speak directly with his foster parent at 918-269-6026 for more details.

Emily is a year-old pit bull with a leg injury.  She was abused as a puppy, had a broken leg, was not given vet care, so it healed a bit crooked, but it does not slow her down!  She is housetrained, leash-trained, and very energetic.  She loves attention, is eager to please, loves to sleep in the bed, and sit on your lap.  You can speak to her foster parent by calling 918-574-4167 (Amy).
Piston has recovered!
Buster wants a loving home!
  Piston has been adopted!                                                                                                                
L.A. is a 13-year-old, male.  His owners turned him over to us because they no longer wanted pets.  He has been very depressed, and would like to find a permanent home to spend his retirement years!
L.A. is for adoption!