"Special Pets for Special People"
Forrest and Jenny's Place is a non-profit (501C) animal rescue group dedicated to the physical and social rehabilitation of sick, injured, abused, abandoned, neglected, and physically challenged animals. 

We differ from most groups because we also rescue special needs animals which might otherwise be euthanized.  We want to give animals with minor birth defects and treatable conditions the opportunity to have quality lives in caring home environments.

Once rehabilitation or treatment is complete, these animals are available for adoption.  If you are a special person in search of a special pet, please contact us!

(918) 836-9069
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Forrest and Jenny's Place Animal Rescue
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Dog Bowl '12 Winner

Dog Bowl emcee, Justin Wilfon, and Yogi
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Do you have an idea for a fundraiser?  We want to hear from you!  We can do SO much more, with the resources generated by fundraising events.

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There will be no break from the overpopulation and homeless pet problem, and we operate SOLELY on private donations.